Simple Tips on How to work with Recruiters

Knowing the best way to work with recruiters is crucial for any professional looking for their next opportunity. Working with a recruiter is one of the best ways to fast-forward your career.  It is your opportunity for a one-on-one relationship with a career professional who is dedicated to serving your interests. You may also benefit from the skills of a recruiter to advise you about your unique career development needs.

Here are  some reminders  that will help you get in good with the people who can get you in the door.

 Help recruiters find you.

It’s very important to have a professional online presence so it’s easier for recruiters to find you when they’re searching for candidates. Set up a public online profile that reflects your career goals and resume. This is where you can show off your skill sets and give recruiters a sense of what you’re looking for in your next opportunity Make sure all your contact information is on your resume, as well as in all your communication.

Be Proactive.

Begin by sending your resume & calling your recruiter and getting to know each other. You may not be looking for a job right now, but it will be to your advantage to have your resume on file with them. You never know when they might have available that ideal job opportunity that would be an improvement over the job you currently have

Be Honest.

Truthfully report your qualifications, experience and job-search efforts and results. Your recruiter shares your interest in placing you in a career that could improve your life. Be honest so they can be effective.  Ask your recruiter every question that is important to you because they want your questions answered too. Don’t be concerned about forming the perfect questions; just speak your mind

Be Professional.

How you work with a recruiter is usually a good indication of how you will likely work with your boss and colleagues. A good recruiter will understand that your style of relating to them is one of your qualifications, so they will report their impressions to the prospective hiring company. Follow through with what you agree to. Be committed to knowing what you want, saying what you mean, and doing what you say.

 Keep the recruiter in the loop.

Stay in touch.  If a recruiter calls you, get back with them in a timely fashion.  If a recruiter helps you land an interview, be sure to contact them after the interview is over to let them know how it went. Not only will this keep the recruiter happily informed and keep you on their radar, but he or she might also have some insight on how you should follow up with the company or tips for round two. 

If you do land a job on your own, let the recruiter know, so they can inform their clients.  Don’t just ignore the recruiter, now that you no longer need them.  You never know when your situation may change again.  Recruiters have long memories!

Be Enthusiastic

Recruiters are stimulated to do their very best by enthusiastic candidates. They know that enthusiastic candidates get hired more often than not. And companies tend to value enthusiasm highly because they know it is often contagious in the workplace.

Pay it forward.

If a recruiter sends you a job that’s not an ideal match for you, refer a talented friend or colleague that might be a better fit. Not only will you be in the recruiter’s good graces but you’ll also show them that you’re smart enough to understand not to apply to jobs that aren’t right for you. It’s a surefire way to make yourself more memorable so you’ll be the first one to spring to mind the next time an opportunity in your field comes up.


About Chris

Working for the past 20 years, as an executive recruiter in the technology, as well as accounting & finance field. Clients have included many of the Fortune 100 as well as many smaller privately owned companies, searching for, and working with the full range of candidates from Clerical through CFO/CIO level. Learn more at:
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