Are you Smarter than a Squirrel?

 What does a squirrel do in the summer?Are you smarter than a squirrel

He gathers food for the winter.

In the summer, the weather is nice. Food is abundant. The squirrel could easily get out of his little squirrel bed, scamper down the tree, have some breakfast, and frolic all day with his squirrel friends, without a care in the world…except for maybe a neighborhood cat or dog of course. Anytime, the squirrel is hungry, there is plenty to eat. He or she, doesn’t have to worry about tomorrow. There will be plenty to eat then too!

But this is not what is going through that little squirrel mind is it? The squirrel knows that even though the weather is warm and food is abundant NOW, that it won’t last forever. Winter will eventually come, as it always does. There’s no food in winter. It’s bitter cold and not much fun to go outside.

The squirrel is thinking winter in the summer. Sure, you see the squirrels playing around your area…squirrels like to have fun too…but they don’t play ALL the time when things are good…they take time on a regular basis to prepare for when times get difficult.

So, I repeat the question… are you smarter than a squirrel? Or even as smart as a squirrel? When things are going well in your business, are you still putting something away for a “rainy day?” Are you still investing time in new ideas or looking for ways to improve?

Yes, you should enjoy life. Yes, you should enjoy some of the fruits of your labor. But at the same time, take a lesson from your inner squirrel, and do a little for your future and your career, beyond what you need to do today. It is always better to prepare and find another job, WHEN YOU DO NOT HAVE TO! Don’t wait until it is too late (Winter) to start putting your resume together, update your references, have your suit ready, & stay in touch with recruiters. You will always find the best opportunities, when you aren’t ‘actively’ looking. The best job could open up when you least expect it too, so be always be ready and open to listening when your phone rings.


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Working for the past 20 years, as an executive recruiter in the technology, as well as accounting & finance field. Clients have included many of the Fortune 100 as well as many smaller privately owned companies, searching for, and working with the full range of candidates from Clerical through CFO/CIO level. Learn more at:
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