Be Confident

atop_the_clouds_by_alliecat33-d6hw1gpDo you want to be more confident?   ….Then change your thinking.

Thought is the original source of all wealth, all success, all material gain, all great discoveries and inventions, and of all achievement.”   -Claude Bristol

To be confident, think about how you think…

  • What do you think about every day; every hour?
  • Do you think confident thoughts, or I can’t thoughts?
  • Do you think about positive things most of the day, or negative?
  • Do you think about what you don’t have, or what you can have?
  • Do you think about the possibility of success, or failure?
  • Do you think about the future, or the past?

Think positively every moment, of every day, and make sure your actions are positive, that your words are positive, and that your energy is positive. The result, you will find, is that people will be attracted to you; they will want to work with you, they will want to be around you.   People want to be around positive, confident, successful, uplifting people; and as the saying goes “birds of a feather.”

So, if your thoughts are the origin of all wealth, success, discovery, invention, and confidence, then you must first control your thinking. It is the foundation of your success!


About Chris

Working for the past 20 years, as an executive recruiter in the technology, as well as accounting & finance field. Clients have included many of the Fortune 100 as well as many smaller privately owned companies, searching for, and working with the full range of candidates from Clerical through CFO/CIO level. Learn more at:
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