I have been in the Executive Search (AKA-headhunting) Industry for over 20+ years, and this is my 4th recession in the employment industry. This time around, there have been a few things that have concerned me more than in the past; the volume of layoffs, duration of the layoffs, and how unprepared most of the job seekers are.

Everyday I talk to dozens of  Job Seekers, and one truth has become evident: Most people  don’t know how to create a job hunting plan, and thus are suffering because of it. Further, they have difficulty with creating a good resume, and many forget the basics of how to interview, and what to do afterwards. 

It is my goal with this blog to help anyone who needs to find a job, or is concerned about losing their job. The current employment rate is near 10% across the US; add to this the disenfranchised population who has given up looking for work, and we are probably closer to 20% unemployment. This mass flood of talent to the market place is causing frustration and competition we have not seen in several decades.

In order to separate yourself from the rest of the job seekers, we will be posting tips to ensure you differentiate yourself from the employment pack. 

Please Check back often.


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